Satellite Clubs

Rotary District 7450 has established a District Committee called the Extension Committee, which is now in formation for the 2017-18 Rotary Year. You are invited to volunteer to serve as a committee member by contacting PDG Bob Lankin. at

The purpose of the Extension Committee is to encourage and support the establishment of new clubs in the district and new Satellite Clubs. Around half of the people who join a Rotary Club around the world, join a brand-new club. One of the most significant things you can do to promote service, here in District 7450 is to be involved in the establishment of a new Rotary Club or Satellite Club.

The idea of a Satellite Club is new to Rotary. Your club establishes it and it meets at a different time or location in the district than your club. The members of the Satellite pay dues to your club, conduct their own meetings, and run their own service projects. They can also help you with existing projects, or jointly run projects. The new rules only require clubs to meet twice a month. Their members are members of your club.

We believe that every club should establish a Satellite Club. In this way, you will be able to bring folks into Rotary, that would not otherwise have joined your club. Every club interested in starting one, is invited to send a representative to the next district Extension Committee meeting, to learn about how to do this successfully and to get needed assistance from Rotarians outside your club.

In order for people 25 to 45 years old to be encouraged to join Rotary all over our district, we are encouraging the establishment of a special type of Satellite Club. We are not suggesting that there be a rule requiring people to be between 25 and 45 when they join; we are instead encouraging these clubs to focus the marketing and recruiting to people in that age group. In addition, we are encouraging these clubs to meet after work, twice a month (one meeting can be a service opportunity). We are calling them Discovery 7450 clubs and we would like to have a network of them in place this fall.

Whenever Rotary members meet young professionals, business people or community leaders in this demographic, we want them to be able to tell of a network of younger Rotarians that we have right here.

If your club is thinking about the establishment of a Satellite Club, please contact PDG Bob Lankin for advice and assistance and if possible, to send a representative to meetings of the District Extension committee.


You can reach PDG Bob Lankin at:

B: 215-887-9990
H: 215-576-0666
E: Bob.Lankin at

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