Since its inception in 1968, Rotaract has become a major Rotary-sponsored organization that develops young adults into leaders in their workplaces and communities. Serving men and women ages 18-30, Rotaract currently boasts more than 9,500 clubs and 291,000 members worldwide. The majority of Rotaract clubs are college based. A small percentage are community based and are like conventional Rotary clubs. The difference is the restricted age limits. All Rotaract clubs are individually supported by a local Rotary club, which is known as its sponsor.

    Rotaract asks its members to focus on four key avenues of service:

  • Club service
  • Community service
  • International service
  • Professional development.
    There are two ways for young adults to get involved in Rotaract:

  • The first is to join a Rotaract club at their college or university. In District 7450, there are several college campuses with Rotaract clubs from which to choose. Information is on the District Website.
  • The second way is to join a community-based club. Community Rotaract clubs are good for those who are transitioning out of a club at college, as well as for those who simply want to be more involved in their communities. This type of club holds regular meetings once or twice a month, but also meets for service projects, social activities, and professional development opportunities.

The District Rotaract Committee stays in regular contact with existing Rotaract clubs, as well as their sponsoring Rotary clubs. They provide assistance with securing service projects and professional development opportunities. The Committee also cooperates with Rotary clubs to identify opportunities for chartering new campus or community-based Rotaract clubs.

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