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RI Identity At A Glance.pdf
RI Voice and Visual Identity 2019.pdf
Using Rotary logos and branding.docx
Promoting Your Rotary Club on Facebook.docx


Rotary Branding images are listed below.
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RI Masterbrand Black.png
RI Masterbrand Color Reverse.png
RI Masterbrand Color.png
RI Masterbrand White.png
RI MoE Black.png
RI MoE Gold.png
RI MoE White.png
RI Simplified Black.png
RI Simplified Color.png
RI Simplified Reverse.png
RI Simplified White.png


District Public Image Committee is responsible for building and maintaining a positive public image for each club in District 7450 and District 7450 overall.

Social media plays an important role in establishing a positive public image. The Public Image Committee works “hands on” with clubs to train Rotarians in the use of social media. In addition, the District has agreed to match advertising dollars 2:1 for clubs who invest in social media marketing efforts.

The Process: A committee member first meets with an individual club to determine a strategy in terms of where they ought to focus their efforts. Concentration may be in traditional media such as newspapers and television, or newer techniques such as Internet social media, email or digital marketing.


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