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Gundaker Directors Role

Gundaker Director’s Role

The primary task of a Gundaker Director is to act as a liaison between the local club and the Gundaker Foundation. In this capacity, the director should keep the club informed about major programs administered by Gundaker. The Director can do this by simply giving a monthly report to the club, or posting any items of interest in a club newsletter. A few times a year, the director will receive a newsletter, detailing the most recent projects supported by Gundaker. These are an excellent way to keep the club members informed.

The next major responsibility as Director is to make sure that clubs takes full advantage of all of the programs that the Foundation has to offer. This is especially important for smaller clubs, which can apply for matching funds available from Gundaker, to leverage and build on their own projects which they plan to undertake.

As a Director, you are wholeheartedly encouraged to get involved. This will give you better insight into the projects and programs that the Foundation supports. The best way to do this is to join one of the Gundaker Committees that oversee the various programs. Many of these Committees correspond by e-mail, so the time commitment on your part can be fairly modest.

Of course, another job of each Director is to solicit donations from your club members. The vast majority of Gundaker’s Budget comes from the individual part of your role. The annual Gundaker fund-raising campaign traditionally runs in the Spring, to avoid conflicting with the Rotary International Foundation, which raises money in the fall.

A final task is to recognize club members for their contributions to the Gundaker Foundation. Each Rotarian who contributes in excess of $1,000 becomes a Guy Gundaker Fellow. As a Director, you will be provided with records for your Club, which details all of the past contributions to the Foundation. When your Club Members achieve one of the different levels of giving, it is the Director’s job to request an award for that level. A formal presentation ceremony gives you another good platform from which to impart to your club members the good things that the Gundaker Foundation does for Clubs in our District!