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1ongratulations on planning a District Grant to benefit your local community or the world community.  District Grants utilize District Designated Funds from the generosity of our District 7450 Rotarians, to increase your club’s spending power!
Prior to completing the application for a District Grant, please read and understand the following information.  Our goal is to provide the information you need to complete the Grant Application, however we are also here to help so you are not alone.  If you have any questions, see the contact information in section 2 below.
Deadline for submitting an application is May 31, 2021. Confirm that your Club is a “Qualified” Club or seek assistance.
We have transitioned to an online application for District Grants.  To help you with the transition, we have the following Resources:
  1. A 21 minute training video; and
  2. Step by Step instructions in PDF format 
This new process is simpler, more efficient, and makes required record-keeping easier and more transparent. Specific directions for using the Grants Module may be found in the training video and the PDF.
Please note that paper applications are no longer being accepted. All applications must be submitted online
Be sure to read Section 1: Overview & Timeline and Section 2: Helpful information.
When you are ready to apply, click the “Online Application Instructions” button above to get started.
These are three sections:
  1. Overview and Timeline
  2. Helpful Information
    1. Contacts
    2. What District Grants will NOT fund
    3. Resources



Please read this Overview and Timeline before filling out your Grant Application. Following this section is a section explaining the required qualification your club must go through to be eligible to apply for Rotary grant money. NOTE: Clubs that have supported the Annual Fund will be given priority!
District Grants help fund relatively small (usually under $30,000) projects locally and internationally. More than one club may be involved in a district grant. N.B.: These are DISTRICT Grants, not GLOBAL grants: Global grants work differently and are for projects of much larger scope and must be over $30,000.
In order to participate in the Rotary Foundation Grant projects, each club must submit a Memorandum of Understanding (see Documents section). Only one MOU is needed, no matter how many grants a club is involved with, whether Global or District, but a MOU must be submitted each year. The MOU may be submitted before the grant application is complete.
In this section you will find the recipe for applying for and completing a District Grant. As with any recipe, be sure to read through everything first, making note of any questions you have. Many of your questions will be answered as you read through this material. Use the Resources and Contact Information pages (at the end of this document) to find answers to any remaining questions.
May 31, 2021—Application deadline:
  • Do not wait until the last minute to submit your application. As applications are received, a member of the District Grant Subcommittee will be assigned as your liaison and will review the application documents for completeness of information only. Applications that are not complete by the Application Deadline may be rejected.
  • A Letter of Commitment from every club or other organization associated with a grant application must be included with the application, e.g., if 2 (or more) clubs or 1 club and another organization (domestic or international) are participating in a project, each club or organization must sign a Letter of Commitment.
  • The applications now being received are for projects in the 2021-2022 Rotary Year.
June 1-June 30, 2021
  • District Grant Subcommittee will review the applications between June 1 and June 30 and work with clubs to try to ensure that projects qualify for support.
July 1, 2021
  • The District Grants Subcommittee will submit the Spending Plan submitted to The Rotary Foundation.
  • The District Grant is a “block grant.” All the grant applications that the clubs submit are combined by the District into one Spending Plan which is sent to The Rotary Foundation for TRF (The Rotary Foundation) approval.
  • When TRF approves the District Grant Spending Plan, they will notify the Committee of approval. (This can take 2-4 months because they are reviewing all district grant submissions from all districts around the world.) We then notify the clubs of their approval so that the project can begin; and TRF deposits the Block Grant Money into the District account. When the monies have been received, then we will contact the clubs again to make arrangements for awarding grant money in person or by mail.
Additional information
  • District Grant projects must ordinarily be started and completed within one Rotary Year.
  • District Grant projects cannot begin until the Grant Application has been approved.
  • If a club submits more than one grant application, the club must indicate which one is their primary project.  Secondary applications will be considered only after all primary grants have been approved.
  • Clubs that have supported the Annual Fund will be given priority.
  • Completed Applications should be sent (preferably by email) to the District Grants Subcommittee Chair (See contacts below).
  • The person(s) responsible for overseeing the club’s project must be sure to retain receipts for all expenditures and submit them to the District Grant Committee with the club’s District Grant Final Report at the completion of the project.
  • If the persons whose signatures are on the application are no longer able to be responsible for seeing the project through, they should be replaced, and the District Grant Committee notified of the change.

SECTION 2: Helpful Information

A. Contacts
Martha Bowman
District Grants Sub-Committee Chair
1025 Napfle Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19111
Cell: 215-280-4749
Email: mbebowman@aol.com
Dawn deFuria, PDG
District Rotary Foundation Chair
Cell: 610-842-5168
Email:  DG1718@ocomfort.com

B. Restrictions
Grants cannot be used to unfairly discriminate against any group, promote a particular political or religious viewpoint, support purely religious functions, support activities that involve abortion or that are undertaken solely for sex determination, fund the purchase of weapons or ammunition, or serve as a new contribution to the Foundation or to another Foundation grant.

Grants also cannot fund:
1. Continuous or excessive support of any one beneficiary, entity, or community
2. The establishment of a foundation, permanent trust, or long-term interest-bearing account. Grant funds can be used to establish a microcredit fund if the sponsors comply with the requirements detailed in section X.
3. The purchase of land or buildings
4. Fundraising activities
5. Expenses related to Rotary events such as district conferences, conventions, institutes, anniversary celebrations, or entertainment activities
6. Public relations initiatives, unless they are essential to carrying out the project
7. Project signs that cost more than $1,000
8. The operating, administrative, or indirect program expenses of another organization, with the exception of expenses allowed within the project management allocation for global grants
9. Unrestricted cash donations to a beneficiary or cooperating organization
10. Activities for which the cost has already been incurred
11. Transportation of vaccines over national borders without prior approval of appropriate government and regulatory authorities in the originating and recipient countries
12. Travel to National Immunization Days
13. Immunizations that consist solely of the polio vaccine
14. Study at a university that hosts a Rotary Peace Center in the same or similar academic program as Rotary Peace Fellows

C. Resources
The Rotary Foundation website (www.rotary.org/en/about-rotary/rotary-foundation),
other Rotary clubs, both in our District and in other districts,
Rotary Magazine

3. Paper/email Directions and Documents

3.1 Directions

Step 1 Read this document
Step 2 Download all the documents in Section 3.2.
Step 3 Get started on the MOU; submit as soon as possible, with signatures.
Step 4.1 Complete the Application.
Step 4.2 Get Letters of Commitment from every Club that is participating in your project.
Step 4.3 Get Letters of Commitment from every other organization that is participating in your project.
Step 5 Submit your Application with all supporting documents as early as possible but definitely before May 31, 2021.

3.2 Documents

Letter of Commitment (one copy for each Rotary club or organization that is working with you)

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