DACdb User Tips


  1. Adding a New Member
  2. Adding a Club Member List to your Site
  3. Transferring a Rotarian into your Club
  4. Adding District Club Meeting Dates and Times to your Web Site
  5. Adding a Masked Club Directory to Your Site
  6. Adding the Club & District Calendar to your Site
  7. Enabling RI Direct Connect for Your Club
  8. Exporting Club Member Mailing List
  9. Finding a Member’s RI Number 
  10. Offline Attendance Tool
  11. Recording Excused Absences
  12. Setting a Leave of Absence
  13. Terminating a Member
  14. Transferring a Rotarian Into Your Club
  15. Defining a member to a role in the coming year
  16. Assign an “Elect” Role to a Member


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